Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unit Summary: Explorations

Here is a really neat picture of a tree that I found on the Internet. I chose a tree because trees have a lot of spiritual meaning to me. In my younger years, my grandfathers would take me on picnics always by the same oak tree. Later, as I entered college I began the practice of yoga where tree pose was the most difficult for me to master... the tree has been a huge part of my life and will continue to be as it roots itself into the ground while continuing to stretch towards the sky.

This composition can be found in the Reading Art Museum. As fate may have it, I literally stumbled upon this picture and could not stop looking at it. I still haven't made up my mind whether or not it was because of the color, great detail, or a similarity I feel with the masked women in the picture... she is trying to fly with the rest of the birds but is being tied down, and yet a smile remains on her face?

Polka-dots and shoes. I love polka-dots and always thought of shoes as some of the best architecture and design.

San Carlo Alle Quattro Fontane has always been on of my favorites. I immensely enjoy how the designer was able to create a fluid movement throughout the use of a solid material.

The female body is seen as beautiful; I find it interesting and a bit amusing that Architects used sculptures such as these seen here on the porch of the maidens as visual directors to other buildings on Acropolis.

The Nebula, the colors and shapes that are created by burning gasses and matter millions of light years away is unreal to me. How could something so majestic be so fair out of reach?

The fish hock necklace. This piece is special to me for several reasons. The fish hock is a Maori tribe symbol for safety over waters, adult hood and strength.

Make up-the most common way to mask ones face.

Bar harbor, Maine

Alice Focht United Methodist Church. This was the church where I grew up in... literally my mother, brother and I practically lived here sense I was five.

Coming full circle:
Besides spirituality and deeper meanings of why I like things; the most common element between all of my chosen designs are: color-which is vibrant yet dark, shape-which is made to look like something its not [stone appears to move, women made of stone], and pattern- several times the polka-dot pattern has shown up in one of these compositions.