Sunday, November 15, 2009

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Remember who you are
Remember where you came from
Remember to show your passion in all that you do

Friday, November 6, 2009

"Avenues" Career and Intern event

At yesterdays Avenues event I had the opportunity to introduce myself to several interesting individuals. I spoke with a woman form “Cole Design Associates. Inc” about an interesting graphic she had on her information table. She told me that the design was created to hide a support pole in the cafeteria of the Hanes brand headquarters. The sculpture was made of resin, fiberglass, and metal wood… so she thought. She said that her company liked to use not only local products, but also local craftsmen; the individual who made this mushroomed like sculpture was from the Raleigh NC area.

Another individual whom I got the chance to speak with was a fifth year student from our IARC program whose name I regrettably forget. She took the time to speak with me about her internship opportunity with “Angelo Adamo Design.” I also had the pleasure of meeting Angelo himself. Angelo works solely in restaurant design. The student who studied under him found out about he’s work form her boss at a local restaurant. Why she spent her time interning with Angelo she said that her greatest experience was learning how to photograph a life size space. “It’s different from photographing in studio, where we only have to photograph small scaled models” commented the student.

The Avenues event allowed me to further my research into different design fields. Before the event I was interested in Yates design. After yesterdays event I am now more interested in Animation Graphics and Digital Design as well as Museum Studies/ Exhibition Design/ Historical Preservation. I think that Museum Studies and Preservation would be the most enjoyable for me because of my never sensing need to research and find facts.