Friday, March 26, 2010

Unity Village: Phase 2: User Experience

These images portray the actions and interactions through residents at Unity Village. The first depicts a 72-year-old handicap man. The second shows as 42-year-old mother using the fitness center. The third image shows a father and an 6-year-old girl playing cards and other games in the recreation space that can be found on the ground floor.

Unity Village: Phase 2: Precedents

I appreciate the layering affect in the ceiling.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unity Village: Phase 2: Design Development Standards

Fitness Room Standards:
source Felicia's blog

· Air temperature keep constant, between 68-72 degrees
· Need double wide entrance
· lighting 50-100 foot-candles
· Wooden floors common
· Need storage area for equipment
· Need mirrors, but don’t overuse
· Tallest machine & equipment along walls, smaller machines in middle
· Weight mahines + apparatus at least 2’-0” from each other & suggested 3’-0” apart.
· Platform spaces need to have good overhead clearance, at least 12’-0”
· 3’-0” clear pathways always
· equipment 6” from mirrors
· mirrors 20” AFF
· group equipment into organized priority sections
· 20-25 sq ft for each user of the equipment
· 20-40 sq ft for each machine
· flooring materials: shock absorbing, 0.5-.07 friction DIN Standard, needs to maintain a rolling load
· 12’-0” ceiling height min. in free weight area, 10’-0” in strength training area
· lighting 50-100 foot-candles
· machines are 120V/20AMPS
· need NEMA 5-20 receptacles
· Air temperature keep constant, between 68-72 degrees
· Ventilation needs to provide 8-10 air exchanges per hour
· Need double wide entrance
· At least 220V outlets for maintenance equipment
· Children under 14yrs old must be with adult
· Signage addressing user maintenance, safety, and who to reference for help

Laundry Room Standards:
source Meghan blog

The development’s community laundry must consist of at least 1 washer and 1 dryer for every 10 units in the development. Excptions: a) if all units in the development have washer/dryer connections, then they community laundry must consist of at least 1 washer and 1 dryer for every 15 units in the development; b) if all umits in the development have a washer and dryer furnished at no cost to the tenants by the development, then the development is required to provide at least 1 washer and 1 dryer; and c) developments consisting of single family detached units exclusively.

Restroom Standards:
source Felicia's blog

· Incandescent or fluorescent lights recommended
· 3’-0” center distance b/w toilets
· 3’-1 1/2” center distance from sink to left/right structural wall
· 2’-2” Center to center for sinks
· 2’-6” center distance from sink to center urinal
· 1’-7 1/2 “ center toilet to right/left structural wall
· 2’-0” Urinals center to center
· 2’-0” deep partition wall to separate urinal space from others
· 4’-9” wide partition side walls
· 2’-8” to 3’-0” width partitions
· 4’-8” to 5’-0” deep partitions
· 3’-4” AFF general trash can
· 6’-6” AFF recessed towel cabinet and waste receptacle
· 3’-8” AFF soap dispenser
· 2’-7” AFF sinks mounted
· 6’-6” AFF feminine product dispenser
· 6’-0” AFF Mirror mount
· 6’-6” AFF Vanity light mount
· 2’-6” AFF vanity top
· 6” vanity backsplash
· 2’-6” AFF toilet paper dispenser location
· 2’-9” toilet paper dispenser from back wall
· 3’-4” min walkways
· 3’-0” doorway
· 5’-10” AFF min to top of stall door
· 7’-5” AFF total stall height

India: Day 2

Yesterday night Carlos had bought a frisbee in town and just about every morning sense then we would play frisbee with our group and any locals that seemed to pass by.

Ben at the entrance of Qutb Minar.

English and Hindi signage.

From left to right: Tommy, Qutb Minar, Jewel, and Anna.

Two brothers. I felt that I needed a picture of them because I could not imagine two boys this young age taking care for each other like this in America. I can't recall if I ever saw their parents around either.

Carlos at Qutb Minar.

Detail of the structure. The material used was sandstone. All the stone was found from local surrounding area's of Delhi and the the detailed work was all done by chisel and hand.

The group at Qutb Minar. From left to right: Prof Elizabeth, Alumni Jewel, Ben, Dean Mary, Me, Emme, Carlos, Anna, Megan, Jenny, Robert, Prof Tina, Prof Tommy

I take pride in captureing this image. This is when my professor Tina was reunited with her Professor and college roommate. Everyone looks so happy.

Here Emme was diligently listening to Tina's professor about the history and geography of Qutb Minar.

A map of the structures complex.

The locals...

This picture came about because a man from Cashmere wanted his wife and daughter in a picture with a tall, pail, blonde, westerner! Haha, I couldn't help but laugh when I looked back at my pictures and saw how horrified his daughter was.

Parrot peek-a-boo.

HAHA! Here Anna was pretending to have been crushed by Qutb Minar.

Me and the Filigree.

This was a class of girls from a near by high school. They were as interested in me as I was in them. I could barely think strait because they were asking me so many questions.

One girl told me "you are the ideal beauty, you are what beauty is" and another mentioned that my "eyes are like precious stones from Jaipur." I laughed and said "no way! in my country long dark hair is beautiful, and girls pay lots of money to get skin as dark as yours." Their response was astonishing they could not believe I would say such a thing.

Tommy sketching away.

Its a bird, its a plane, its Qutb Minar!

Lotus flower detail- symbolizes purity.

Dome structured roof with perfect geometry allows light to come into the space through an oculars at the top of the dome.

I was hoping that his picture would pay for college... no bidders yet.

Carlos conversing with the locals.

My how western culture has influenced us...

The commute to work.

Two lane roads can easily fit four vehicles across didn't you know?

Emme in front of Hummyan's Tomb.

The lotus and the star of David... originally a Hindu symbol later to be acquired by King Solomon.

Stone floor.

Interior corner wall detail.

Someone was making paper boats and playing with the irrigation system.

Tina explaining to us how the game of "knock the stamen off" works.

Robert and Megan give it a try.

We went to a traditional Indian musical concert that was also raising awareness against Female Fetosuicide.