Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Practicing Perspective

Here are a few attempts at creating one point and two point perspective with shadowing. The most difficult aspect of these drawings was for me to re-create appropriate shadowing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Extra Sketches

These sketches were created while I was waiting in the airport for my flight. I was not only trying to keep myself busy, but also trying different sketch methods and styles.

Monday, October 13, 2008


For this project I used the fallowing: 12 skewers which were bent then coated with gorilla glue so as to hold the fibers of the sticks together. 12 plains, 6 of which were folded into triangles (3 pointing up and 3 pointing down) thus being different yet the same; 6 planes were folded in half horizontally then dripped with gorilla glue so as to separate them from the other 6 triangles. The gorilla glue was used as an adhesive, strengthening agent and decorative effect for its similarity in color to the skewers. The base consists of Styrofoam which is surrounded in a Bristol board boarder to incorporate unity with the entire project.

Over all my president is supposed to symbolise the genealogy of procreation with the central dividing part to represent a strand of DNA while the outer triangularly parts symbolise male and female.

Project joinery close up.

Project idea number 2.

Project idea number 1.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Light Fixtures

For all of the light fixtures I used pencil as my medium. As one can see I have changed my style several different times throughout the course of the project. The light fixture in the lower right hand corner is one of my favorites; it was also one of the more challenging ones for me to draw.
I later attempted to recreated the same image on a 10x10 inch sheat of drawing paper.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Twig and Cellphone Graphics

In this Graphic exercise I, at first, felt overwhelmed with having to make so many reiterations of the same two objects (stick and cellphone). But as I got started I then realized how creative I could be. I liked that this project allowed me to pay closer attention to what I was creating. I am also grateful for being able to understand the qualities that different pen tips can create.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Unity compare and contrast

Clairissa Anderson

Eirca Anderson

Youngmin Moon

As I had mentioned earlier I tried to make my mane focus be placed on the negative space in my project. I then chose Erica Anderson's and Youngmin Moon's projects to be compared with mine. I absolutely love the central binding twists in Erica's design. I appreciate her thoughtfulness in the area of proximity with the skewers. While her overall craft could be improved, there is definitely an energetic quality with her work in the way that she made the skewers spiral whiles alternating pointy ends to flat ends.

I also chose Youngmin's project because of the similarities of depth that we both used our projects. I enjoyed how his project appeared to be based off of a vanishing point. While mine and Erica's projects are a bit more static, Youngmin's held a stronger rhythm and repetition.


It took me several tries to come up with my final model. In my original idea, I attempted to make a shape that would strongly focus on the negative space and proximity of the skewers.

My first model had a perimeter shaped like an egg which was made of the 4 x 6 plains. The exterior of this structure was able to hold itself in an upright position because of its strong interior structure. In my second model I tried to step away from the egg shape and focus on the interior structure and the negative space that it made. By doing so the outer structure then took on the form of a rectangle. But there was still more that could be done… so in my third model I then left four 4x6 rectangles out of then perimeter and incorporated them into the central part of the project; thus, creating a visual continuation line on the exterior of the project. I feel that by including the four 4x6 rectangles in to the central part of the project really allowed the entire model to come together in unity and oneness.