Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aunt Lindy

"The clouds make rain the ocean makes sand The earth breathes fire and lava makes land Now that took a mighty hand and a wild imagination" ~Pat Green


Timeline 1925 bce-ad

1925 BCE
20th First Zoo “Park of Intelligence” (China)

1924 Hammurabi established eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth (Babylon)

1919 Famine moves Asiatic Semitic from Sichem (Saudi Arabia) to Egypt
1924 Xia Dynesty (China)
1925 Hittites conquer Babylon
Book of Genesis is believed to have started circulation
1950 Pharaoh Sesostris I invades Canaan
20th Aryan’s and Iranian’s settle in North India and Pakistan

20th Postal system exists for royalty and administrative positions (Egypt)
Wooden locks (Egypt)
Underwater Tunnel (Babylonia)
Sanitation (Crete)
Paved Roads (Crete)
Obelisk (Egypt)
Medical prescriptions (Egypt)
Glass tools (Egypt)

1925 AD
1924 First Olympic Games opened in Chamonix, France
1925 The London Zoo announced it would install lights to cheer up depressed animals
Darwin Theory banned from Texas School
1929 Begin building of the Empire State Building
1930 Hovervilles exist

Russian Revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin died= struggle for power in Soviet Union
1924 28th President Woodrow Wilson died
Mahatma Gandhi was released from jail
Trial against Hitler began in Munich, Germany
1928 Joseph Stalin has absolute power
1925 Quajar Dynasty is no more, now Pahiavi Dynasty President Charles Dawes
1929-1933 Herbert Hoover President is blamed for depression

1918 WWII ended
1920 over all world economy progressively got better
1924 Ford Motor Co. stock valued at nearly 1 billion
American tobacco is reinstated as a component of the Dow Jones
German and Turkish friendship and trade treaty was signed
Four Douglas army aircraft left Los Angeles for an around the world flight
1928 Salvador Dali becomes known in the US

1922 3D Movie
Variable Pitch aircraft propeller
1923 Traffic Signal
Self winding watch
Frozen food
1924 Dynamic loud speaker
Ice cream machine patented
1925 Mechanical TV
Wire Photo
Snow blower
1926 Liquid Fueled Rockets
Popup Toaster
1927 PEZ Candy
Quartz Crystal Watch
Complete Electronic T.V.
Aerosol Can
Quartz Clock
Iron Lung
1928 Penicillin
Electric Shaver (USA)
1929 Car Radio
Yoyo reinvented
1930 Jet engine (England)
Sticky Tape (USA)
1934 T.V. camera
1935 Radar for Aircrafts (Scotland)
1936 Helicopter (Germany)
1938 Ballpoint Pen (Hungary)
Photocopier (USA)
1940 Paint roller
1942 Walkie Talkie
1945 Music Synthesizer
1946 Automation (USA)
1947 Artificial Intelligence (England)
Mobile Phone (USA)
1948 Computer (England)
1949 Jet Liner

Cited work

Inspiration Board

Pat's Desk

Floor plan at a 3":1' scale.

Directional elevation view equiped with scale model.

The white sketch model was my original plan for Pat's desk, however, not only was it not to scale but it was also poorly thought out. For instance if someone were really to build this and use it the likely hood of them hitting their head on the shelving unit is great. Also there is no even weight support/ distribution on the left side of the bench. While I think that it is ascetically pleasing, it is not functional; therefore a new design is in order.

The finale product. My concept is the McDonald's swivel chair accompanied by a drive through window. Instead of using a glue adhesive I used push pins that I cut down with wire cutters to mimic nails.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


The Opus project...

First year students were asked to go about their normal student schedules for the week with 5 buzz words in mind. The first...

STORIES~ throughout the past week I learned that every person, charter, class and building has its own story. Each has its own background and history for why it is. For instance, an assignment we, the students of IARC, were asked to read one of Grimm's Fairy Tails. We were then asked to find the hidden meaning in the story which brings me to our next buzz word...

ARTIFACTS~ are t he actual physical designs that are created by humans. Attached to each artifact is a story or bit of history. When looking at an object one can usually determine: where the object came from; why it holds certain cultural values; as well as its possible time period. Which brings me to our next buzz word...

MULTI VIEW~ is the instance that occurs when looking at an object or artifact and finding several potential meanings for 'why it is'.

CYCLE~ can be a re-occurrence of things. In history we learn that it can either repeat itself or have no change at all. Each and every week students cycle through a schedule of classes.

TRANSLATION~ linking closely to multi view, translation is the way one preserves something. One professor had mentioned earlier this week that there is a difference between seeing and looking; much like there is a difference between hearing and listening.

All of these buzz words can be not only linked to our opus project but be the actual project itself. For opus-or masterpiece is all of these things: Story, Artifact, Multi View, Cycle, Translation.