Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti Design

Why are we doing this?

This is our way of reaching out to the community. Our way of raising awareness. Our way of educating the community and ourselves. Why do we wait to oil the squeaky wheal only after it squeaks? Shouldn't we, as designers, as neighbors, as humans reach out a helping hand or canister of oil before the need arises? This is our thought. Our hope. Our love. Our design. Our way... of "doing this."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cardboard Crazy

Yeah... I'm going to have to say its getting a little crazy out there with all the different ideas and techniques people have for creating cardboard furniture. Thats right, I said cardboard furniture! These are just a few of what I consider to be the more interesting pieces out there.

Experimenting with Photoshop

Yes, that is a fish frenzy behind a belled wall.

Makeshift Shelter Fliers

I chose these images because I thought that they would hit two different types of people. The first target market I was going for were those who enjoy Time Magazine stylized drawings/ architecture. The second target I was marketing to was the more empathetic type of person. Hopefully these fliers will do the trick and we will have a large audience for Fridays exhibit.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Creative Narrative

I remember the morning sun’s embrace; it would radiate through the fields of tall grass as it kissed my shoulders and face. There was a cool, unhurried breeze that convinced even the most stubborn of wheat to dance. As I walked through the field of my husband’s brother, Natanael, I would brush my fingertips across the course seed heads of the wheat plants. I liked the way they tickled. But my favorite was watching Itai’s eyes grow with wonderment as the clouds glided and the fields swayed. He was quiet but I knew he was carefully curious about everything he was observing. I carried him to my father’s house…

Those were what my mornings used to be. Now the sun scorns the earth where the fields once were. Itai cries and I know it is because he is hungry. My mother, Daliyah, and I are helping our neighbors as best we can to cope with our lost and wounded. At different moments I see the despair in her eyes from the loss of her husband, and my father, Salem. Along side the other men, Moses my husband and his brothers, Natanael and Yakov, have begun to rebuild our city. One of the many shelters they are building is the meeting house. It is not too large but comfortably fits about six people. Everyone is helping as best they can; even the children who were not injured are searching for scrap pieces for the men to build with. This shelter is comforting. Its space is dimly lit by the sun through its two entrances. The walls are made of trap and the ceiling of scrap mettle. Many are here, consoling with each other while they grieve for those who are lost. Although this place was made from junk it is precious to me because it was built with care from our neighbors and good craftsmanship. It is not as warm as the sun’s embrace but it is meaningful just the same.

- Adina’s Memory

Solo Reflections

Group Red Team

Hailey Allen, Jeff Linn, Wesley Shamlian and I were assigned the grueling task of creating a makeshift shelter for the purpose of socializing. Our group determined that our structure needs to have room for two or more people to sit, or stand, comfortably. After taking careful notice of how people interact with one another we noted that small groups naturally create a U-shape or circle when conversing. Thus, our structure will need to imitate the same form. We also brainstormed about common areas where people meet to converse and socialize; some of which: the bar, coffee shops, lunch rooms… all of these spaces were large but allow for intimacy as well. After minimal research on color theory we decided that a darker pallet would suit our space. However, being challenged with using only found materials may put a damper on this idea… more ideas to come.