Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Class layering

This in class assignment was to teach us how to draw things in layers. for instance: first row, second row, third row… it taught me that when drawing in layers usually the object closest has the most detail while the further away objects become more simplified.


I came up with Pella’s structure by simply removing the base of Orca, also by simplifying the shapes of paper which I used. The cylindrical shape of the paper was now more appropriate in comparison to the shape of the 12 twigs that I used. However, there was still something missing from my project, something that didn’t make it seam finished. And that’s when I thought back to critiques and in almost every one someone’s project got flipped on its side. That is was inspired me to place my project on a ball of clay which is also what the base and adhesive consist of. And that’s how it got its name Pella- is the Italian word for ball. In order to make sure that the project would hold itself for a long period of time I research Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater because he used the natural materials around the houses location and built the house into the mountain’s stream rather then placing it on top.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Orka was inspired by the diversity and elegance of the complex sea creature coral. I used twelve twigs which were spray pained black with read tips; white water color paper and white clay were also used. The clay is the bonding agent for the entire model.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lecture searies- John Linn

On Wednesday, Mr. Linn came to our lecture class to speak about sustainability 2030. At the start of his program he asked the audience what they would expect to see if they were a fish. Naturally thoughts of brightly colored fish swimming thought the majestic coral reefs swam through the minds of the captured audience. Then he began to project comical images of natural every-day human activities but under water, on to the big screen. I specifically remember on of a convertible driving under water. He later used these thoughts and images to move into what he refereed to as the "human storm." The Human Storm is his terminology for describing the affects on how the natural environment is changed when the human element is added.

Later, Mr. Linn introduced AIA's 2030 concept. to highlight his argument he used the Trinity Church in Boston; which was built roughly around 130 years ago yet is still being used today. The point of this lecture was to stimulate the minds of young architectures in having porpoise and quality in their designs. So as not to have a failed design as well as to have an environmentally savvy building that could be used even after its first hundred years.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Also during the second critique, Kite was detached from Pinka-Boo and looked at as its own piece. In order for Kite to meet all the requirements nine more twigs will need to be added. I also intend on adding paper that is made by myself: this paper will be consist of Bristol board and paint. The bonding agent will be raffia and life savors candies.


Cheshire's purpose of existence is to improve the quality and overall goal of Pinka-Boo. After the first critique, I decided that Pinka-Boo was too literal and to over thought. The next craft had to be smaller and show a stronger involvement of the twelve twigs hence, Cheshire's birth. Still providing similarities between itself and Pinka-Boo however one large change had been made- from being a six sided object to a five sided object. Also, Cheshire remains successful without the use of a peak-whole.


Pinka-Boo was created for the purpouse of being a box/ holder/ container for 12 twigs. Wiliest creating her, I had decided that she'd have mysterious and whimsical qualities much like a childhood fairy tail. Her exterior (try pod like figure) would be highly decorated and colorful for the purpouse of imitating the life found in a young forest. The central box would be black in color with a peep-whole viewing spot. On the interior lie the letters "T-W-E-L-V-E" spelled out in a twig font of my own. Some of the interior twigs have been spared with glitter, again adding to the element of wonder and discovery.

Monday, September 15, 2008


This photo was taken from and is an image from the movie Pan's Labyrinth. I chose this photo because it depicted the mysterious curiosity of the origin of a stick. I also like how the tree in the center is dark and dreary while beside it grow lively young trees.

This photograph was taken from; it inspires me to create a structure of fairy tale, yet dark, qualities. The over all feel of the picture is comforting yet there lies a mysterious curiosity to get a closer look.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Negative Bike

We were asked to draw the negative image of and upside down bike. The outer edges of the entire object were not nearly as difficult as the wheal spokes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ambidextrous hands

Our objective was to draw the left hand with the right hand and the right hand with the left. It was a surprisingly less difficult to draw with the left hand then I thought it would be; however, I did notice that I was taking more time in concentrating on the outer contour of my right hand.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Contour drawing II

This is a contour drawing of my studio space.

Contour drawing

This is a contour drawing of Professor Burrowes and Kurt sitting back to back. I’m honestly not a fan of contour drawing but this one seemed to turn out rather well. I especially like Professor Burrowes glasses. This is a contour drawing of Professor Burrowes and Kurt sitting back to back. I’m honestly not a fan of contour drawing but this one seemed to turn out rather well. I especially like Professor Burrowes glasses.

Icabod contour

Monday, September 8, 2008

Quote lettering

a continuation...

Quote lettering


Icabod sketch

This is a rough sketch of my 'place for a leaf.'

Leaf project

This is a quick, rough sketch of a dream I had about a 'place for my leaf'.

Messy Scramble

This illustration came about from my frustration with college offices and their lack of organizational structure.

Messy popcorn

I attempted to drawl with markers instead of pencil. I'm not sure that I'm a fan.

Five things

Here are five random objects found in my bag. However, as I began drawling them I took notice that all of the objects were more similar then they were dissimilar, in tums of their color.

Messy Desk

Messy Face

I really like the way the eyes turned out on this drawling. Her face is messy with purple jelly.

My Hand

5 min. Sketch of my hand.


An other negative space drawling of the same chair but at a different angle. took about 3 mins.


Is a negative space drawling.

Alice's Dream


Friday, September 5, 2008