Tuesday, November 25, 2008

7-7 Salvation

Ah, the seven to seven... What better way to do community service then with your whole Architecture major from 7pm Friday night to 7am Saturday morning. Over then wild and crazy sleepless night I added myself to the Graphics group where it was our mission to understand Salvation Army's target customer and think up new innovative ways to help bring more business. Not only did this group use their creative mind but also their analytical mind. Some of the things that I came up with were:

The new reusable shopping bag- which would have the logo and saying of the company while reaming discreet. We also came up with ideas on how customers would get these bags; some where that they could be purchased at the counter, sent in the mail with news letters, or given with new promotional ideas. However, no matter how good we thought our ideas were we still knew that it would be up the the business to make the final decision on how their bags would be dispersed and whether or not they would use them. Seeing as the Salvation Army is a not-for-profit organisation we also suggested that special funds be raised simply for the production and disbursement of these reusable bags made from recycled goods.

An other image of the reusable shopping bag.

Once more, by taking a close look at the organizations customer data base we noticed that many of which came form Spanish speaking backgrounds. Therefore we felt that it was completely necessary to incorporate bi-lingual signs. The illustration above is an example of what one of the Z-rack signs may look like.

Something else that was brought up that night was the interior layout of the building and the need for clear advertisements and sectional signage pertaining to what could be located in different aisles and sections of the store. Above is and example of a potential end-cap sign.

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