Sunday, January 24, 2010

Solo Reflections

Group Red Team

Hailey Allen, Jeff Linn, Wesley Shamlian and I were assigned the grueling task of creating a makeshift shelter for the purpose of socializing. Our group determined that our structure needs to have room for two or more people to sit, or stand, comfortably. After taking careful notice of how people interact with one another we noted that small groups naturally create a U-shape or circle when conversing. Thus, our structure will need to imitate the same form. We also brainstormed about common areas where people meet to converse and socialize; some of which: the bar, coffee shops, lunch rooms… all of these spaces were large but allow for intimacy as well. After minimal research on color theory we decided that a darker pallet would suit our space. However, being challenged with using only found materials may put a damper on this idea… more ideas to come.

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