Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I came up with Pella’s structure by simply removing the base of Orca, also by simplifying the shapes of paper which I used. The cylindrical shape of the paper was now more appropriate in comparison to the shape of the 12 twigs that I used. However, there was still something missing from my project, something that didn’t make it seam finished. And that’s when I thought back to critiques and in almost every one someone’s project got flipped on its side. That is was inspired me to place my project on a ball of clay which is also what the base and adhesive consist of. And that’s how it got its name Pella- is the Italian word for ball. In order to make sure that the project would hold itself for a long period of time I research Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater because he used the natural materials around the houses location and built the house into the mountain’s stream rather then placing it on top.

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