Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lecture searies- John Linn

On Wednesday, Mr. Linn came to our lecture class to speak about sustainability 2030. At the start of his program he asked the audience what they would expect to see if they were a fish. Naturally thoughts of brightly colored fish swimming thought the majestic coral reefs swam through the minds of the captured audience. Then he began to project comical images of natural every-day human activities but under water, on to the big screen. I specifically remember on of a convertible driving under water. He later used these thoughts and images to move into what he refereed to as the "human storm." The Human Storm is his terminology for describing the affects on how the natural environment is changed when the human element is added.

Later, Mr. Linn introduced AIA's 2030 concept. to highlight his argument he used the Trinity Church in Boston; which was built roughly around 130 years ago yet is still being used today. The point of this lecture was to stimulate the minds of young architectures in having porpoise and quality in their designs. So as not to have a failed design as well as to have an environmentally savvy building that could be used even after its first hundred years.

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