Monday, October 13, 2008


For this project I used the fallowing: 12 skewers which were bent then coated with gorilla glue so as to hold the fibers of the sticks together. 12 plains, 6 of which were folded into triangles (3 pointing up and 3 pointing down) thus being different yet the same; 6 planes were folded in half horizontally then dripped with gorilla glue so as to separate them from the other 6 triangles. The gorilla glue was used as an adhesive, strengthening agent and decorative effect for its similarity in color to the skewers. The base consists of Styrofoam which is surrounded in a Bristol board boarder to incorporate unity with the entire project.

Over all my president is supposed to symbolise the genealogy of procreation with the central dividing part to represent a strand of DNA while the outer triangularly parts symbolise male and female.

Project joinery close up.

Project idea number 2.

Project idea number 1.

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