Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 Vignettes

A story of Creation, folklour by the Maori tribe of New Zeland.

The reason why the storm hates the land and the heavens long for the earth.

The seven kids from Grimms Fairy Tail "the Wolf and the Seven Kids." This is the moment when the wolf opened the door to the house tarrifing the seven young goats.

An idea for my wall inspired by "the Wolf and the Seven Kids." I originally intended on carving a place/ space, for my wearable artifact, out of the corner of the wall and placing the artifact on a sculptured mahican.

The mysterious creature...

The woman in my dreams... that woman is me. Every now and again I have this re-occurring dream about me walking thought a foreign land usually India or Tibet. But more recently Polynesia or the Amazon I have long blond curly hair and ivory white skin compared to the people I walk near. In my dream I am usually wearing a long thinly flowing white gown. I never see any faces but my own, and yet I see the people looking up towards me for help. I am unsure how I can comfort them but somehow I know that my presence there assures them that everything is ok.

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