Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Unit Summiary: Kaiyukan Aquarium

The Kaiyukan or “Ring of Fire” Aquarium located in Osaka, Japan was planned and designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. Building completion took place on the eight of April 1988. The building is commonly referred to the “Ring of Fire” because the aquarium’s inhabitances are all from the Pan Pacific Volcanic Zone. This explains the Exterior of the Building which is blue walls with red roofed glass forms accompanied by a glass skyline; {Delight} all in order to enhance the experience of the visitor in relation to the ring of fire. However, the direct translation of the Japanese word Kaiyukan is “Playing in the Sea’s Pavilion.” [As mentioned by…] The institutions theme is based off of Dr. James Lovelocks idea, the Gaia Hypothesis; which is [according to] the theory that living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shape Earth’s biosphere.

This concept radiates throughout the buildings design with interwoven rooms acting much like links to a chain. One would notice the continuous progression of movement through each exhibit and on to the next. {Commodity} In Accordance to [] “the biogeographical plan of the building, with the Aleutians to the north, Antarctica to the South, and so on, allows the building to be clearly understood by its visitors.” Osaka’s Aquarium is on of the world’s largest marine displays with the capacity of 11,000 tons of water. {Firmness}

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