Monday, February 2, 2009

The listening ear

This hat was designed by me and inspired by Grimms Fairy tail, the Wolf and the seven kids. The hat was made to show emphases on four key words: Loyalty, Liberty, Listen, and Greed. Each word was gathered from the moral of the story or actions that were prevalent throughout the characters in the story.

The hat consist of all re-usable objects, material found in the trash and recycled bins. Some of the products that I use were news paper, tape, fabric samples, spray paint, copper wire and thread.

The top of the hat was made on "Chester" the cement ball I created last semester. I wound and glued news paper then used rug tape to create a course texture on the top which was symbolic of the wolf charter. I also mad the hat so that when worn, one ear would be exposed which is symbolic to the moral of the story- listen. The two flower shaped gold wires were worn in the back of the hat to symbolize greed.

My synopsis of the story and the wearable artifact was to "Have your best ear forward, and always keep greed behind you."

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mochagirl said...

great hat :) I love the story behind it