Monday, April 12, 2010

My Strengths as a Designer

"I have as many thoughts in my head as there are birds in the sky" - C. S. Anderson

This image "the Dawn of Hope" was taken from flicker "AzRedHeadedBrat's photostream.

I feel that I was truly blessed with the gift of “quick ideas/ solutions.” What I mean to say is this, ever time a problem arises or a new assignment is given, I immediately have several ideas running through my head. Now granted, not all the ideas are great or nesisaraly the right option for the existing problem. But I know that this gift is great for a designer because it enables them to quickly jot down all the thoughts and ideas that come to mind in their design journal. This quick thinking also allows me to have more than one idea or solution; therefore, I usually have more time than others too look back and reevaluate my work. Also, I am more prone to looking back at my beginning thoughts and ideas throughout the entirety of the design process.

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