Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unity Village: Phase 3: Karen & Sara's Space

For this portion of the project, my "clients" will be 1) Karen- a 27-year-old grad student at UNCG who studies music therapy. She owns lots of instruments and plans on showcasing them throughout the apartment. Karen also enjoys entertaining small dinner parties. I believe that along with bedroom and bathroom space; she will need a room fit for acoustics, space for instrument display with easy access to the instruments, as well as dining space. 2) Sara- a 28-year-old grad student at UNCG who studies dance. She enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes. On Sundays she bakes for all the residents on her floor. She has many shoes that she has collected over the years from different dance programs and wishes to display them creatively in her room. I believe she will need plenty of cooking space, room for her shoes, perhaps a mirrored wall and portable tap floor.

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